tower of Abon

The Tower of Abon has long since been a part of the isle of Mystica. Once called the Warden’s Keep for its role as part of the Prison of Gron Ja’ Bar Built on the foundation of a much older ruin that predated any local lore, the tower housed the warden, and was said to be the origin of the Mythica Witches.

The tower has stood on one of the highest cliffs of the isle even through the destrustion that decimated its lush, paradise like vista. Its blackend stone facade scorched and battered but not a stone out of place.

The Tower now stands vacant, covered with a myraid of twised vines and other vegatation, its dark glassless window stare into the night as souless eyes, yet through all the passing of time, not a stone lays apart from its mortar, not even a shingle has fallen from its lifless rafters.

Some that have ventured to reach its walls speak of strange feelings and claim to have seen the faint crackle of white lightning cascade down through the upreaching tendrils of life that encase its structure.

tower of Abon

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