Prison of Gron Ja' Bar

This horrid place is rumored to have existed to cleanse the world of the foul and the wretched. Within its depth those that preyed on society were thrown, forgotten.

The prison. dug out of the bedrock deep into the isle, was the creation of the one known as The Warden. Its labor was immense and it construction was rumored to have pierced the veil of hell itself. A Maximum security prison to house the worst of the worst.

The warden, as he was known has been over time, many people, but the first warden, the mind behind the madness, created this sanctuary of the damned not to simply house but to learn from, experiment on and bend to his will.

At least 3 levels of the prison are known. The Commoner’s Row, the Scoundrel’s Den, and the Palace of Lights. Each one was painstakingly carved from within the very cliff the Warden’s Tower was constructed.

Lore suggests that the palace of lights housed many wonders of knowledge and power. Over the many years, dungeon divers have cleared the entrance to the commoner’s row and have tasted the darkness that lies deep within its cold chambers. Only 1 man,Jorick McClaven has been known to have mapped a great deal of the Commoner’s Row.

No one is absolutely sure what to believe about the prison. Some have gone and not returned, some return crazed and yet still others return empty hearted claiming nothing exists except a ruined tower and a vacant cavern of bones.

Prison of Gron Ja' Bar

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